Flexible packaging is great from toddler to school-aged kids!


New parents quickly learn how important it is to make healthy snacks appealing to children and practical for an on-the-go lifestyle, full of activities and unexpected situations.

A sealed, flexible pouch of fruit purée, yoghurt or juice is the ideal solution to always carry a healthy option to keep kids happy while you run errands with them, or if they need some extra energy at the playground. Quick to pack, light enough to carry around all day, and made in sturdy materials so they won’t leak over everything else you have with you, pouches keep food safe and are always ready when you need them.

Pouches are great for baby food, and are able to grow with your children – as toddlers and  beyond, going from hours at school to demanding sports to outdoor activities over the weekends. You can add a treat to the backpack they carry to the classroom, gym, park or even on a field trip, knowing they will have a fresh fruit or dairy-based option when hunger hits: no mess to clean up, no tools to manoeuvre, no bulky containers to bring back home. Just a simple package they can open and use on their own, for a nutritious snack..

Super fun, super snacks

Pouches can be customised and branded with fun, eye-catching graphics designed for children of all ages. Gualapack manufactures a wide range of options in terms of type, size, shape and features, suitable for hot fill and cold fill applications.

In addition, we offer elements that make flexible pouches even more appealing to young consumers, such as letter-shaped caps and collectible tethered caps that look just like emojis.

New-generation consumers demand sustainability

Younger generations are more aware than ever of environmental issues and the impact of plastic. Gualapack is at their side, now and for the future, with flexible packaging that requires fewer resources along its entire lifecycle: this means fewer materials, fewer emissions during transportation, and even optimization of warehouse space. At every stage, the advantages for the planet multiply compared to rigid alternatives.

And as a leader in flexible packaging, Gualapack actively pushes innovation towards greener solutions. We have invested in the development of pouches, spouts and caps that take two steps forward in this direction: fully recyclable pouches like our Pouch5, which can be easily sorted in the PP stream, and tethered caps like Babylink, which keep small parts connected to the overall packaging and avoid littering.

If you are looking for a partner to manufacture the perfect flexible pouches for you, contact us. Our catalogue of packaging solutions can meet any need – even those of demanding toddlers and school-aged kids!