Recyclable laminates solutions for cosmetics products


All around the world, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the effects of their daily behavior on the planet. In the cosmetic and personal care markets, “eco-friendly” has a lot of different meanings, from natural ingredients to the ban on animal testing, as well as a packaging that is not only functional but also coherent with an environmental awareness and consumer consciousness.

What should be done to minimize our foot print on the planet? Recyclable laminates are a powerful solution for cosmetics, such as packaging for creams, mono-dose masks, toothpaste and wet wipes.

Recyclable sachets

Many beauty-care products, especially the single-use ones such as face masks and promotional samples for creams, use sachets as their packaging of choice. Sachets are flexible, light-weight, high barrier and very practical, so they are very popular for personal care products.

Gualapack is a key player in laminates for press sachets, offering excellent film characteristics such as mechanical and chemical resistance, easy opening and premium printing.

We have developed a new range of monomaterial PP sachets, with excellent barrier properties and completely aluminum-free as well as Mono PE and Mixed Polyolefin alternatives

Innoweb Mono: recyclable mono-material laminates for cosmetics

In Gualapack, it’s part of our DNA to identify and anticipate future demands, requirements and challenges.

That’s why here we have worked hard to develop a recyclable laminate solution for the cosmetics and personal care markets. In 2019, we launched Innoweb Mono, the first high barrier tube laminate made only of a single material: PolyPropylene.

Designed for personal care, Innoweb Mono laminates can be collected, sorted and recycled in the PP stream.

Our new line of mono-material laminates for tubes is:

  • 100% momomaterial PP.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • High barrier and chemical resistant, prevents transfer of O2 and moisture.
  • Available in white, transparent or metallized and in different thicknesses.
  • InnowebMONO has obtained the prestigious HTP_CYCLOS certification, proving its suitability for recycling, with a 98% recyclability score.
  • Tubes can be correctly sorted into the PP stream and mechanically recycled into new PP resin for injection molding of non-food items.
  • The higher rigidity of polypropylene enables a thinner laminate wall thereby reducing the use of raw material, while maintaining the desired “bounce-back” effect of the tube.
  • Perfectly compatible with AISA machines.

Biobased laminates

We are very proud to have developed also another line of pouches and tubes made with laminate, spouts and caps containing biobased polyethylene.

Bio-based polyethylene is derived from renewable sources, that has a significant impact on the final carbon footprint of the packaging.

Compostable laminates

Adhering to the “compostable by 2030” vision promoted by the EUPS, Gualapack manufactures and produces also EN13432 compostable laminates for dry applications, such as powders or solubles in the realm of personal care.