Bureau Veritas and Gualapack: ‘ISCC Plus’ certification for circular packaging production


Bureau Veritas launches another important certificate, ISCC PLUS, to promote sustainability in the packaging chain. In doing so, it once again confirms its reputation as a serious and reliable partner for all companies (both in Italy and worldwide) wishing to reduce their environmental impact by pursuing a strategy based on transparency, reliability and innovation.

Backed by years of experience in the industry and their strong reputation in the market, Bureau Veritas is assisting a wide range of businesses in their journey towards sustainability, including also the field of flexible packaging with spouted pouches.

Thanks to their collaboration with Bureau Veritas, Gualapack S.p.a. has achieved yet another important result – ISCC PLUS certification as a manufacturer of “Circular Packaging (caps, spouts) in HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene).

Gualapack, a key player in the flexible packaging industry and world leader in the production of spouted pouches, has long been committed to further improving its performance in terms of sustainability and to reducing the environmental impact of its manufacturing processes.

"Sustainability is a key element of our company mission. The framework of the ISCC Plus certificate is one of the projects that we are focused on and, over time, we have applied it to various manufacturing sites. We wanted to achieve  ISCC Plus certification because it fully reflects our commitment and vision regarding these issues, helping us to improve our environmental performance year by year," explains Stefano Tamarindo, Global Sustainability Director Gualapack.

The ISCC PLUS framework in fact reveals, via a management system, the traceability and sustainability of raw materials, intermediate goods and final goods throughout the entire production chain.

Thanks to independent auditing by a third party, the reliability of the framework and the mandatory auditing of each and every stage of the production process (from sustainable raw materials to the final goods), the ISCC PLUS framework has gained the trust of producers and consumers, becoming one of the best-known and most popular frameworks in this field. In the last year alone, the applications for ISCC PLUS certificates increased by 108% (around 750 certificates were issued, according to figures from February 2021), proving the strong interest of those companies who are most dedicated to improving sustainability.

The experience of Bureau Veritas combined with the commitment of Gualapack have allowed us to achieve this important result but the successful collaboration between the two companies does not end here: plans are already afoot for more ISCC PLUS certification procedures for other Gualapack manufacturing plants.