Emballage Digest - Longer-lasting caps

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In the latest edition of the French magazine Emballage Digest, Olivia Erfurth, Marketing Manager at Gualapack, granted an interview featured in an article about advancements in food packaging closures. 

The article emphasizes efforts towards lighter and more sustainable solutions, citing key industry players, including Gualapack. The company is highlighted for its innovative lighter caps and tethered caps for food packaging. 

It also details Gualapack's response to the upcoming Single-Use Plastics Directive (SUP), describing their development of three cap designs - Basic Cap, Mood Cap, and Babylink. These Tethered caps, made from PP or PE, incorporate safety features to prevent children from swallowing and are suited for hot-fill, cold-fill and Retort applications. 

The article emphasizes how the company has anticipated concerns regarding the comfort of use, particularly with the tethered caps for children's products. Gualapack's caps include a long lanyard for easy handling and opening, enabling children to open the pouch independently, without parental assistance. Furthermore, the design ensures that the cap does not fall to the ground, which contributes to a more hygienic consumption.


Read the full article in French here