CHP-8H Pouch filler: The game-changer for a larger scale

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We are proud to present the CHP-8H filling machine, meticulously engineered to meet the demands of high annual filling volumes for liquid and viscous products while offering a space-efficient design. Elevate your pouch packaging capabilities with the CHP-8H pouch filler– where precision meets technical excellence, and innovation paves the way for efficiency.

Here's why the CHP-8H is a game changer:

8H_0035_2020-10-01_piccolaDouble-Step Rotating Table: The CHP-8H is equipped with a double-step rotating table including 8 filling heads, designed for optimal efficiency in filling and capping various-sized pre-made pouches.

High Speed, High Flexibility: This machine offers the capability to simultaneously produce four different recipes and accommodate four different caps, providing a competitive advantage in a market characterized by increasing complexity. This flexibility extends to the ability to switch between standard aluminum, ALOX, transparent, and Mono Material without any equipment changes.

Single-Operator Efficiency Streamline your operations with the CHP-8H, designed for ease of use. This machine can be easily and efficiently operated by a single person, enhancing productivity and reducing manpower requirements. 

Rock Solid Technology: Building upon Gualapack's trusted design, the CHP-8H inherits proven technology with a track record of over 400 Gualapack filing lines installed worldwide, ensuring reliability and performance.

Global Compliance: All major components of the machine are constructed from AISI 304/AISI 316 stainless steel, aligning with food industry requirements, including those of EU and FDA. The inclusion of an Automatic CIP system further enhances hygiene standards.

Versatility and Compatibility: Fully compatible with all Gualapack pouches, the CHP-8H offers an impressive 80% shareability of parts for customers with existing Gualapack machines. 


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