Discover 3 ways to boost safety for baby food packaging


Convenient to store and carry around, lighter on the environment and easy to use: soft pouches with spouts and caps – one of the most popular forms of flexible packaging – are the ideal choice for baby food, as well as liquid and creamy dairy products, fruit purées and even juices. Anything you may need for a healthy, child-friendly snack, at home or on the go!
Well aware that children are some of flexible packaging’s most important final consumers, Gualapack manufactures and distributes across the world spouted pouches and caps specifically designed to provide baby food with three-fold safety.

  • Protect the product

    Gualapack’s pouches keep the product inside safe, because they are sturdy, resistant and suitable for hot fill and cold fill applications for any kind of content. In addition, our new tamper evident system lets consumers immediately know – with just a glance at the supermarket shelf – if the packaging has been opened. This innovative solution, guarantees children the utmost hygiene and quality.
  • Protect children

    Our packaging is designed with little ones’ safety in mind:, Gualapack offers a wide range of spouts and caps that are specifically designed with anti-choking features, although their 3D profiles and size make accidental swallowing highly unlikely. And our newest cap, Babylink, is not only anti-choking but also anti-litter, because it features a secure tether connecting the cap to the rest of the packaging.
  • Protect the environment

    Babylink and Gualapack’s other tethered caps help contrast marine litter, well in advance of the 2024 deadline for the EU’s SUP Directive – but that’s not the only reason pouches are the planet’s choice for your baby’s snacks. Flexible packaging is generally more sustainable compared to traditional, rigid packaging because it requires fewer resources to be manufactured, transported and stocked. And Gualapack’s pouches push environmental protection further by offering monomaterial and 100% recyclable options such as Pouch5: the popular solution designed for optimal product-to-packaging ratio, as well as easy and effective recycling because it is completely made in PP and can therefore be simply sorted and recycled in the existing PP stream.

Gualapack is a globally renowned baby food pouch manufacturer, constantly investing in R&D to develop new solutions that can make packaging better for brands, consumers and sustainability – offering parents the best way to have a healthy snack always with them, with the quality they can trust.
Are you looking for a partner who can make your baby food pouches, spouts and caps three-times safe? Contact us and together we will find the best solution for you!