Gualapack Brasil and DPA: cutting-edge packaging for chilled dairy products

In an era defined by rapid evolution and dynamic consumer preferences, innovation is the cornerstone for brands aspiring to maintain leadership in their respective categories. This truth was vividly demonstrated at the recent Marketing and Innovation meeting of DPA, part of the Lactalis Group, and Gualapack in São Paulo, Brazil, where these leading companies in their respective categories explored the latest trends in packaging for chilled dairy products.

At the centre of the discussions lay a fundamental understanding: the imperative need for brands to innovate continuously in order to reatin their edge in an extremely competitive landscape. Gualapack, the world leader in premade spouted pouches and known for its pioneering flexible packaging solutions, emphasised this point, highlighting how innovation is not just a pursuit, but a necessity for brands striving to remain at the forefront of their field. Gualapack's competitive advantage lies in its ability to control every aspect of flexible packaging production, from laminate production to pouch manufacturing, nozzle and cap injection and pouch filling lines, thanks to its complete vertical integration.

Gualapack Brasil_rettangolo

From left to right: Alex Garcia - Sales Director Gualapack Brasil, Gabriela Paschoal - MKT Manager DPA, Daniela Pompeu - MKT Manager DPA, Ana Paula Curi - MKT Manager DPA, Amanda Santos - MKT Analyst DPA, Vanessa Jimenez – Sales Manager Gualapack Brasil, 

(photo taken by Olivia Erfurth – Global Marketing Manager Gualapack)

However, in this quest for innovation, another imperative emerged: sustainability. Drawing from its extensive international experience, Gualapack advocated integrating sustainable practices into packaging solutions for the future of our planet. The company showcased how sustainability not only aligns with consumer expectations, but also serves as a catalyst for differentiation and brand loyalty.

As Gualapack and DPA, partners since 2016 in the premade spouted pouches business in Brazil, forge ahead, they do so with a shared commitment: to drive transformative change with the consumer at its centre, through powerful innovation in flexible packaging.