Gualapack launches the first 100% mono material recyclable pouches


Gualapack, world leader of premade spouted pouches, is strongly committed to improving circularity and sustainability in flexible packaging. Now, we are proud to present Pouch5®, a range of 100% mono material standup pouches, recyclable as polypropylene (PP), within existing PP streams.

Flexible Packaging = less waste

Flexible plastic packaging helps preserve food all over the world, and offers the lightest possible product-to-package ratio, compared to its alternatives.

Leading global consumer goods companies and retailers have started to renew their packaging strategy, transitioning towards a more circular economy. At the same time, they have to comply with present and future legislation on packaging waste and preservation of the environment.

Gualapack, member of the Sustainability Committee of FPE (Flexible Packaging Europe), has also been actively taking part since 2017 in CEFLEX (Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), a consortium representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging.

Pouch5: Gualapack recyclable pouches

Up to now, most multilayer multimaterial laminates and pouches on the market have not been suitable for collection, sorting or recycling.

In this framework, Gualapack brings on a breakthrough alternative: Pouch5®, a recyclable, mono material PP stand-up pouch.

  • 100% mono material, cap included
    All the elements of our recyclable stand up pouches, cap and spout included, are made of the same material, polypropylene, which is correctly identified for recycling within the PP plastic waste stream.
  • Gualapack portfolio of recyclable solutions will enable customers to meet the goals of the EU Plastics Strategy and national laws deriving therefrom, whereby all packaging placed onto the EU market by 2030 shall be either reusable, recyclable, or compostable.
  • A top performer in recyclability
    Pouch5® has obtained the widely recognized HTP_CYCLOS certification, with an impressive 98% recyclability score.
    Furthermore Pouch5® was also certified for its recyclability by Interseroh Dienstleistungs-GmbH, an environmental service provider. With a score of 20 out of 20, our mono material pouches are considered very well-designed for recycling.
  • Aluminium-free and high barrier
    As a mono material, Pouch5® is designed without aluminum and is the first pre-made spouted pouch to be recyclable. At the same time, it offers a very high oxygen and water vapor barrier. So it’s suitable for shelf stable products that undergo hot-filling and pasteurization (such as baby food and Fruit Compote), as well as for cold-filled or dairy applications.
  • EU and FDA Approved
  • Tested compatible by Recyclass
    Independent laboratory testing conducted by Recyclass demonstrated that our PP-based pouches are compatible with the rigid PP recycling stream. The laminated pouch is designed with a rigid PP spout and PP cap, which represent more than half of the packaging by weight, participating to achieve more than 95% PP in the whole final packaging. Recycled plastics generated from the recycling of Pouch5 can be used in high-value applications, with up to 25% concentration.
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Baby food pouches and many more

Plasmon baby food

Our mono material pouches have already been chosen by important baby food brands around the world,

  • two Nestlé baby food brands across the globe: Gerber in the USA and Piltti in Finland
  • Jufico, a leading German baby-food producer, aware that German consumers are very well-informed and sensitive to environmentally friendly packaging, has captured the momentum. They chose Pouch5®, the Gualapack fully recyclable pouches, for 5 new references of its Fruchtbar fruit juices.
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  • Little Freddie, one of the UK’s leading baby food producers, made the switch to Gualapack’s Pouch5. This pouch, made entirely from polypropylene, cap included, will make life easier for parents who have small children and want to make the right choice for the planet. The pouches underwent stringent testing to achieve the “certified as recyclable” marque by OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) and will also feature a climate footprint verified by CarbonCloud.
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  • Kraft Heinz, one of the major food and beverage global companies, partners with Gualapack to boost its environmental agenda. The company chooses Pouch5® for its baby food Italian brand Plasmon: a 100% recyclable option that helps the industry – and families – take a step towards sustainability.
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Pouch5® offers a perfect sustainable packaging solution not only for food, such as drinks and juices, fruit puree and yoghurt, but also for beauty and personal care products – as for example soap refills or face masks – and home care, like detergents.

Many consumers choose flexible packaging because they know they produce less waste compared to the classic alternatives. With a recyclable pouch, they can find the perfect solution: a more environmentally friendly, light-weight and secure packaging.

Distinguish your brand with a recyclable packaging

Consumers are getting more and more interested in sustainability: avoiding litter is becoming an important element of choice between similar products.

Thanks to Gualapack innovative solution, now brands can offer to their consumers a more eco-friendly packaging, that can be conferred in the PP stream and recycled as plastic. We advise brands to clearly communicate recycling instructions to the public, using the PP recycling triangle on their packaging to help consumers know that their pouches can go into the plastics bin and can have a second life.

Now many companies around the world, in many different markets, from food to Home and Personal Care, from Cosmetics to Pharma, can easily offer packaging to their Customers, that has an intrinsic added value: Recyclability.

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