Gualapack wins at Mediastars 2024 Awards with "Less is More" campaign


The innovative advertising campaign ‘Less is More’ won a prestigious award at the Mediastars 2024 Prize - the technical award for Italian advertising - by placing first in the Indoor Press & Poster category and winning a Special Star for Graphic  Design.

The concept of the campaign is minimalism, as demonstrated by the quote of the famous phrase by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: ‘less is more’. In this case, it is the packaging that is minimal: Gualapack's pouches are in fact a flexible and lightweight type of packaging with a reduced environmental impact in terms of waste and transport, compared to rigid packaging.
The visual uses the hyperbole of the disappearance of packaging, emphasising the concept whereby the pack is so light that it literally ‘disappears’, protecting  what really matters, the product.

Conceived by the communication agency Eclettica-Akura, the campaign was created on the occasion of the 2023 Interpack trade fair and then applied to various communication materials, including the website and advertising pages. It is a multi-subject declined on three different themes - Food, Non Food and Coffee, testifying to the versatility of our packaging solutions.

Olivia Erfurth, Global Marketing Manager of Gualapack, expressed pride and satisfaction with this achievement: ‘The multi-subject “Less is More” campaign fully expresses our commitment to sustainable and lightweight packaging solutions. It was a bold choice to make our product ‘disappear’ in the visual, but it demonstrates the importance of content over container, in line with the minimalist philosophy.’

The official awarding of the Mediastars Star took place on 6 June 2024 at the awards evening-event of the 28th Mediastars , at the Auditorium San Fedele in Milan.