GualapackGroup and Ströbel partner to offer Speicherstadt-Kaffee a sustainable premium coffee packaging

For more than a decade GualapackGroup has been working on developing and extending its range of sustainable laminates, LamiNEXT.

For Speicherstadt-Kaffee, the alternative sustainable solution takes the form of multilayer laminate settled of a high barrier aluminum-free film associated to a sealant layer made from renewable resources. Such a sustainable solution guarantees a perfect aroma preservation, a high barrier to oxygen and moisture as well as a significantly reduced environmental impact.

Speicherstadt-Kaffee consumers can enjoy an eye-catching and premium rotogravure printing coffee pack, perfectly preserving the taste of their preferred coffee, and gain satisfaction by respecting the planet fossil resources.

For GualapackGroup and especially for its Italian Laminates Plant Safta, the launch of the Speicherstadt-Kaffee eco-friendly alternative solution is a new opportunity to demonstrate the long-term Group commitment toward Sustainability.

In the Speicherstadt Kaffeerösterei, numerous coffee varieties are manually and gently roasted through a gas-fired drum roaster. The café, located in a former storehouse from 1888, offers an exclusive atmosphere with various coffee mills and roasters. While enjoying coffee and pastry specialities, you can watch the roasting factory as well as passing ships on the bordering fleet.

About Ströbel GmbH

Ströbel GmbH was founded in 1978 and manufactures and sells both, standard aroma preservation packaging made of aluminum composite film, which is available from stock, as well as customized  aluminum-free and sustainable packaging solutions, always assuring oxygen barrier that maximizes product shelf life and protects against bacteria.