How can coffee be “green”? Choose flexible refill pouches and refill!

Turn your daily cup of coffee into an opportunity to do the right thing for the environment. An airtight container made of glass or metal is a common packaging to store ground beans and keep them fresh over time. But rigid containers have a much higher impact than flexible pouches. What’s the solution? Use the flexible pouch to refill the rigid container, of course!


Flexible packaging reduces the resources used, the environmental cost of transport, and the waste that ultimately ends up in the landfills. It’s also easy to recycle, with options like Gualapack’s Pouch5 that can be sorted directly in the PP stream. 

What’s more, the rigid container remains useful in your home instead of being thrown away. 

This is one way you can easily follow the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra! Reduce the materials needed to create the packaging for your next coffee; reuse the rigid container you already have, indefinitely; and recycle the flexible pouch so it re-enters the production cycle, and replaces virgin material.