How flexible packaging can boost your e-commerce


The right packaging solution can help your business seize huge global opportunities such as e-commerce’s recent growth spurt.

The perfect package for e-commerce retailers

Insider Intelligence’s 2021 Global Ecommerce Update estimates e-commerce retail grew 27.6% in 2020 (while worldwide retail sales shrunk by 3%), and expects it will continue to increase to the tune of 14.3% in 2021. Far from being a one-off spike tied to the COVID-19 emergency, the market is clearly shifting as consumer habits change, and marketing and logistics are the first to have to adapt.

Flexible packaging presents an ideal option for the online sale and at-home delivery of many product categories, from cosmetics to snacks to pet food. Pouches, in particular, offer a variety of benefits for any online retailer:

  • Lightweight packaging reduces shipping costs.
  • Unbreakable pouches ensure better quality service when delivery is entrusted to postal or courier services – especially as consumers order products from further and further away, requiring a combination of different transportation means and handlers.
  • Flexible solutions allow warehouse managers to fill boxes more efficiently than rigid packaging, optimising logistics.

Sustainable packaging for e-commerce

Last but not least, flexibility makes packaging more sustainable because reducing the weight and volume of shipments minimises CO2 emissions and reduces waste: an aspect that certainly resonates with many clients in these times of growing environmental awareness. As a Boston Consulting Group article put it, despite the many challenges posed by the global pandemic, “consumer and investor pressure to embrace sustainability is not going away” – so companies keep “looking for pragmatic ways in which to advance their goals”.

Gualapack: a leader in flexible packaging 

Gualapack can be a valuable partner in choosing the best packaging solution: we are global leaders specialised in flexible packaging and offer a variety of options, from Laminates and Sachets, to our Stand-up Pouches, to Shaped, Transparent and No-spill Pouches with different Spouts and Caps. Our product range includes almost endless combinations of design, materials, capacities, colors and customisations – guaranteeing our clients all over the world can find the best flexible packaging to optimise their supply chain. Moreover, in recent years we have developed new sustainable packaging solutions such as our Pouch5, which is 100% monomaterial and recyclable.

Whether you are a large multinational or a local company, Gualapack is ready to offer you the perfect flexible packaging to ship your product in a cost-effective, efficient and “green” way, so you can deliver it directly to customers. A strategic opportunity you cannot afford to miss because – while the pandemic certainly determined an extraordinary upsurge – e-commerce and sustainability are here to stay.