Introducing Babylink: Gualapack’s newest tethered cap is both anti-litter and anti-choking


Gualapack takes the lead with an innovative combination of safety and sustainability: Babylink is ready for roll out in 2022, offering a new pouch cap option designed with new generations in mind.

We consider sustainability a non-negotiable and have invested decades of research and commitment to lowering plastic packaging’s impact on the environment. Well in advance of the 2024 deadline for the EU’s SUP Directive, we have already launched anti-litter products like our Tethered Cap because we strive not only to comply with regulations, but to support brands and consumers who want to make positive environmental choices. If firmly attaching caps to containers can reduce marine litter and the impact of single-use plastic items, why not offer tethered solutions as soon as possible?

And this year we are adding Babylink as a new tethered option featuring a spiral lanyard and reduced weight – which means less material is used, fewer resources are needed in manufacturing, and finally less waste is generated (although of course Babylink can also be recycled). This makes Babylink doubly low-impact!

The lanyard also reinforces pouches’ value for parents, as practical packaging for fruit purées and other baby snacks that can be enjoyed on the go, with convenience and hygiene in mind: tethered options are great also to avoid caps falling on the ground.

In addition, Babylink’s 3D design is anti-choking and therefore safer also for young children. Widely compatible with existing technologies and products, it is available in PP and PE resins and is suitable for hot fill, cold fill and retort applications.

Ready to find out more? Contact us to discover Babylink’s full technical specifications and take another step with us towards the future of packaging.