Making recycling easier for new parents: Little Freddie chooses Gualapack’s Pouch5


This spring, one of the UK’s leading baby food producers is making the switch to Gualapack’s Pouch5 made entirely from polypropylene – cap included.

The new monomaterial packaging for Little Freddie’s baby food will be suitable for easy kerbside recycling, making life easier for parents who have small children and want to make the right choice for the planet.

The pouches underwent stringent testing to achieve the “certified as recyclable” marque by OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label) and will also feature a climate footprint verified by CarbonCloud.

“It has been a pleasure collaborating with Gualapack to launch the UK’s first mono material pouch designed to be fully recyclable at home. Our pouches are the first to go through OPRL's stringent testing to achieve their Certified As Recyclable marque, providing a simple and convenient method for disposal by parents. We are excited to continue working with Gualapack to roll-out fully recyclable pouches across our entire UK pouch range in the coming years. Our goal is to make sure our packaging is 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025,” says Little Freddie’s Founder and CEO Piers Buck.

Effortless recycling deriving from this small change could keep 350,000 pouches a year out of the landfill, equivalent to 2.5 tonnes of plastic. And that’s only looking at the packaging’s end of life.

“Pouch5 is great for recyclability, but also falls within the broader category of flexible packaging – our speciality,” notes Stefano Manfredi, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Gualapack. “The impact of flexible packaging compared to rigid packaging is lower at every stage: it is less carbon-intensive to manufacture, and also allows for optimisation during transport because final products weigh less and take up less room.”

This is a clear example of how innovation in packaging can have multiple positive effects, along the entire value chain and down to consumer’s habits. “We are proud to see our efforts for sustainable innovation embraced by the market. Together, we can truly change the world,” concludes Manfredi.