Papersnap™: Easysnap Technology’s paper-based sustainable packaging


Easysnap Technology Srl, part of Gualapack since June 2021, is launching Papersnap™, the cutting-edge solution to make single doses sustainable. The company that invented and owns Easysnap® opening technology has decided to take a step forward with paper, because it is appealing for consumers and one of the most recycled materials in the world, with a mature and well-established recycling circuit.

Made with over 77% paper, Papersnap™ has the same smart advantages of the Easysnap® opening technology – and is a recyclable packaging option that can be easily recycled within the paper stream.

We are trying to reach the highest possible paper percentage, in order to comply with any waste policy worldwide. Today, we are already certified with ATICELCA® 501, one of the most accredited evaluation methods, capable of determining the level of recyclability of mainly cellulosic materials and paper and cardboard products,” says Andrea Taglini, CEO of Easysnap Technology.

Papersnap-img-1Papersnap™ represents the most advanced, sustainable solution for single servings and has recently debuted simultaneously at two international fairs dedicated to the packaging sector: Luxe Pack in Munich and Pack Expo Las Vegas.

The launch was made possible by the valuable collaboration with paper manufacturer Fedrigoni Spa, which developed a new recyclable solution with Easysnap Technology.

As one of the sustainable options developed by Easysnap Technology to reduce overall packaging carbon footprint, Papersnap™ opens up a whole new range of opportunities for the company to customize its technology and create the right solution for any client looking for sustainable packaging solutions.

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