Pouch filling machinery: go big on quality, not on size

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It’s not just the pouches, but how you fill them that matters! Gualapack’s filling machines can meet any need your company may have.

If you are planning to start your own pouch filling line, whether to package your own products or to provide this valuable service to your clients, we have the right solution for you.

Most people know us as a leading flexible packaging manufacturer, specialised in pouches that combine advanced materials with exceptional user experience. But Gualapack’s strong vertical integration means we can also provide you with different models of filling machines, ready to complete your factory with the equipment that’s perfect for any types of product, features and volumes you have in mind.

A great investment, even for smaller volumes

Scaling equipment to your business’s needs is essential for your company’s success. That’s why we offer machines suitable for different production volume levels.

For example, the CHP-1H is designed for small-medium annual filling volumes of up to 10 million pouches, while the CHP-2H is perfect for 20 million pouches a year on average. At 3x3 metres, their footprint on the factory floor is exceptionally compact. 

Both models are based on a step-by-step rotating table on which the pouches are filled and capped, and can pack liquid or viscous products into various sizes of pre-made pouches.

Finally, like all Gualapack filling lines, the CHP-1H and CHP-2H come with outstanding customer service including customisation, installation, training, maintenance, and spare parts replacements: so you can be sure you get exactly the equipment you need, and it serves you well for years. Should your requirements evolve over time, we can also help you upgrade your existing system with special kits that further extend the life of your investment.

To find out more, please download our full brochure on filling lines here.

Because we understand every company has its own requirements. What stays the same is the advantage of working with experts who have deep knowledge of every technical aspect in flexible packaging, and have customer satisfaction as their priority: from extensive design customisation to unfaltering post-sales assistance.

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