Refill, recycle, repeat: flexible pouches make it easy!

Small decisions can make a big difference in the impact we have on the planet. Case in point: choosing flexible pouch refills for the home and personal care products you use every day is an easy way to lower your carbon footprint. 


When a flexible pouch is used to refill a rigid container – as happens with many detergents, soaps and shampoos now on the market – you are multiplying your positive impact: you avoid throwing the original packaging, you avoid buying a second rigid container with higher weight, and you are purchasing a product that has generated fewer greenhouse gas emissions – from the factory line to your own home.

How? Flexible pouches offer 5 to 10 times the product-to-packaging ratio compared to rigid alternatives. This means less material for the same amount of product and less waste once empty. In addition, more lightweight and compact packaging means logistics can be optimised during transport and stocking – again reducing consumption and therefore greenhouse gases released in the environment to drive trucks.

Want to do even more for the environment? Choose a recyclable pouch like Gualapack’s Pouch5, which can be sorted in the PP stream and become a new resource rather than waste in the landfill.