Scale up your pouch filling machines: our high-volume equipment


Large business? Growing company? Gualapack’s range of filling machines comes with the expertise in flexible packaging and vertical integration to help you expand.

If your existing pouch filling line can’t keep up with your clients’ demands, congratulations! It’s time to step up your capacity and upgrade your equipment. Gualapack’s complete range of machines can provide everything you need, including our experts’ exceptional service in choosing, customising and caring for your new systems.

Bigger and better than ever

If your needs include medium-high or high annual filling volumes between 40 and 65 million pouches a year on average, check out our CHP-4H and CHP-8H. Both are based on a double-step rotating table on which the pouches are filled and capped, and designed to pack liquid or viscous products into various sizes of pre-made pouches.

Considering their production capability, these models stand out for their small footprint: at 3x5 metres and 4.5x8 metres respectively, they make efficient use of your factory floor and allow you to minimise any related costs.

To explore all the tech specs, as well as additional options, please download our full brochure on filling lines here.

The right partner to grow in flexible packaging

Gualapack is the world leader in pre-made spouted pouches and a global player in the flexible packaging industry. Our technology crossover offers all clients a wider range of options and a vertically integrated service that is unique and invaluable in our field: by choosing a Gualapack filling line, you are supporting your business with top-quality equipment and outstanding customer service, including technical assistance should you need any training, maintenance, replacements, or upgrade kits.

With hundreds of machines already deployed worldwide with a filling capacity of nearly 10 Billion pouches per year, we are the reliable and knowledgeable partner you can count on when you need to take manufacturing to the next level.

Contact us to schedule a consultation with our technical experts.