Squeezer Cap: the innovative packaging for spreadable products


Gualapack presents the new Squeezer Cap, designed to spread any kind of creamy product in an easy, fast and clean way. Squeeze and spread!

Do you want to spread creamy products in an easy, fast and clean way – no knife required? The solution is Squeezer Cap, perfect for day trips and summer picnics, as well as bars, restaurants and catering services where every second is precious and there is no time to lose!

Gualapack, specialized in flexible packaging and leader in the production of stand-up pouches, has designed a new type of “squeeze and spread” cap.


Even children can use it, to prepare their own snack without having to handle knives.

Fast & clean

Save time on spreading as well as cleanup: no utensils or surfaces get dirty. Perfect for a quick snack or appetizer.


Squeezer Cap can be made in PP for compatibility with our 100% Monomaterial Pouch5, which can be recycled in the PP stream.

Squeeze & spread

Gualapack’s Squeezer Cap is ideal for both sweet and savory foods: cream cheese, butter and vegetable oil, sauces and pâtés, jams, honey, hazelnut cream... and anything else you can squeeze and spread!

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