Sustainable laminates solutions for coffee


Gualapack’s roots are in Italy, a country where 90% of the population drinks coffee every day. As Italians, we will never say no to a good espresso. At the same time, we are very concerned about sustainability and that’s why we are designing for recyclability, also for the coffee market!

Gualapack offers a complete range of laminates for coffee packaging, featuring high mechanical performance and total protection from gas and moisture, in order to preserve fragrance and aroma.

Recently, we have launched new recyclable solutions specifically designed for the coffee business, including mono-material laminates and compostable lids for coffee capsules.

Recyclable laminates for coffee packaging

In the recent years, we have worked a lot in the direction of circular economy, developing more sustainable solutions in the world of flexible packaging.

For the coffee industry, we now offer mono-material PP laminates. Made of high-performance and tailor made polypropylene resins, they are designed for collection, sorting and recycling in the PP stream.

Gualapack has also developed LAMINEXT, a family of compostable and bio-based laminates.

Compostable bio-based lids for coffee capsules

Capsules are becoming the new most common way of getting a coffee, at home and on-the-go.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have developed our brand-new biodegradable and compostable lids for coffee capsules, made of raw materials certified according to the industrial composting norm EN 13432. (GMO free).

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