Tethered cap for spouted pouches: a new solution for sustainability


Gualapack presents its innovative cap solution for flexible packaging. Tethered caps remain firmly attached to the pouches, reducing litter and anticipating the new SUP directive. Significantly lighter and antichoke-designed, compatible with  all our filling lines and even customizable in design, they’re a turnkey solution  for all  sustainability committed brand owners.

Gualapack is committed to be the trend-setter in proposing sustainable packaging solutions. Therefore, we have developed a sustainable cap  in anticipation of  future regulations, compatible with our pre-made spouted pouches – for which we are a recognized worldwide leader.

Compliant to the sup directive (july 2024)

The European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy will transform the way plastic products are designed, used, produced and recycled in the EU. The objective is to reduce the impact of single-use plastics (SUP) items on the environment, which represent about half of all marine litter items found on European beaches.

By 2024 product design measures for SUP beverage containers will be mandatory to ensure that caps and lids remain attached (i.e. tethered) to the container during its use in order to improve recyclability and ensure they do not leak into the environment.

The Single Use Plastic directive specifications for attached closures are still under definition, but what is certain is that all plastic caps have to remain  attached to the bottle (or, in this case, to the pouch) during the intended use stage, in order to reduce accidental leakage into the environment. That’s why Gualapack R&D has developed a new solution for its closures: the tethered cap.

The Tethered Cap is available in PP or PE.

Benefits of tethered caps for the consumer

Easier to recycle

Consumers all around the world are more concerned about the sustainability issue and will appreciate products designed to avoid  litter, and the cap is  easier to recycle if it’s still attached to the packaging itself.


But that’s not the only advantage of our new tethered cap: it has been designed following the criteria of safety and consumer functionality, to ensure a safe and comfortable consumption.

As per our iconic and patented Baby Cap, also the new Tethered Cap is in fact guaranteed anti-choking a very important feature not only for baby food.

Emotional design

Last but not least, we have developed a range of different attractive emotional designs, that the brand owners can choose or personalize according to their brand style and colors.

Tethered caps benefits for brand owners

Not only will the new tethered caps be compliant with the new EU Single Use Plastics Directive, that will enter into force   in 2024, but they’re also:

Taking into account that “reduce” is an overarching principle of sustainable packaging, in designing its new tethered caps Gualapack is making sure to optimize weight and functionality of each solution.

  • No need of adjustments on filling lines. The new caps are technology-proven on existing and new equipment and compliant with existing and future portfolios (equipment and packaging). The tethered cap runs  on all our filling lines just by adding a dedicated Cap Kit (available for new and existing lines)
  • Customizable: the first brands adopting the new solutions will be able to personalize the final appearance of their caps, as Gualapack proposes different design options to choose from . The caps can be plain, declined in different colors, or feature  special designs , such as simple illustrations on the plastic, or take on a  funny look,   for example adding facial elements such as holes resembling eyes.

Tethered cap specifications

  • The Tethered Cap is available in PP and PE and fits for Hot Fill, Cold Fill and Retort applications
  • Fits on all Gualapack pouches with 8,6 mm diameter spout
  • Height: 34,3 mm, Width: 32,4 mm
  • Ready for Industrialization Q1/2021

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